Mar 3
    "The last and best of the Peter Pan’s." — Salinger 

    "The last and best of the Peter Pan’s." — Salinger 

    Sep 9

    I’m still here!

    Jack and I have failed you all this week, folks. Apologies all around, but we couldn’t make Full Frontal happen without the rest of the team! We will commence with season 2 when we get out on the road next week, and we’ll be able to keep up with it from there on out, as we traverse the US on the House Party Tour! That being said, you guys did an amazing job of repeatedly watching our newest video for A Love Like War, and we just about hit 1 million views (may well reach the goal tonight, less than 50k away)! So, in keeping with our promise, at 7pm EST tonight, we’re going to leak a clip of another new song for y’all to blog about!! Thanks for understanding, and I hope you guys enjoy the clip. Stay tuned!




    Feb 6

    Happy Monday

    Check out this dude Según. He’s one of the better up and coming talents out there right now. My good friend and producer Mike Green is helping develop this man into a monster, so do me a solid and check out his work— It’s fantastic.

    You can hit him up on the Tweeter, too @segunmusic

    Feb 3

    Heads Up


    I wanted to make the first official announcement regarding a few cancellations per my faulty voice pipes.

    As some of you may know, I’ve been struggling with an upper respiratory cold/infection/thing for the past week, and last night in Southampton it finally took it’s toll. We ended up cutting a handful of songs, but managed to get through the end of the set with a lot of help from the audience. (Thanks for that, by the way.)

    Regardless, I am now on major voice rest because I absolutely refuse to cancel these last shows.

    With that in mind, I won’t be DJing FaceDown @ Scala tonight, and we will be canceling our signing tomorrow at Banquet Records.

    I’m really sorry that we won’t be able to make it out to the extra events, but the shows matter most, and I want to be as healthy as possible for both.

    Thanks to everyone for being understanding! Being a human sucks sometimes… I need robot pipes like Ke-Dollarsign-Ha.

    Love you!

    Jan 13

    Total ‘Et tu, Brute?’ moment.

    The inexplicable meets the unreasonable, and the collision ignites quite a fire.

    Embers, sparks, crackles and pops— I’m left here listening to Alkaline Trio while my body decides whether jet-lag is still a real thing or just an excuse I’ve made up to never go to sleep.

    I need a haircut. Seriously.


Sound Check Glasgow - Day 2 UK tour


    Sound Check Glasgow - Day 2 UK tour

    Dec 2

    Big Time Lush

    Apparently I pissed a few people off today— What’s new?

    Big Time Rush fans, in NO way did I intend to disrespect the guys. My explanation was rushed (teehee) and worded wrong in the final iteration of the interview.

    To clarify, BTR’s reps asked to do a version of No Idea, which we were totally cool with, and that version of the song ended up on their newest record. (They even credited me. Aww.)

    When I compared them to The Monkees, I was merely attempting to explain how and why they ended up with an alternate version of our song on their album in the first place— certain aspects of their band are determined by the powers over at Nickelodeon, and their TV show, which the band was formed around, (as was their music, respectively.) That’s just fact. No denying it.

    However, what defines a “real band” is subjective, and taken out of context, my comment definitely came off as condescending, which was never my intention.

    Those guys are homies, and they’re doing what they do very well— I certainly wasn’t tryna hate.


    Dec 1

    Word up.

    Nov 22
    Blurry instore humans

    Blurry instore humans

    Oct 7

    Rick Time Rolled

    Oct 4


    My toes anchor me to the Indian Ocean, as I kick my head back and quietly scream; The constellations look so different here, but they still know exactly what I mean.

    Sep 17


    Wishing away so much more than common sense,

    a couple cents tossed aside,

    didn’t matter — ‘cause I didn’t pick a side,

    just left myself,

    a coin flip away from the great divide,

    a bridge to burn, a rope to hide,

    a hill to climb,

    just you and I,

    We made sense, made dents in time…

    Cents and dimes,

    nickles and vibes.

    The vibes were priceless.

    Sep 16

    Jul 24

    do it!


    text “KHOP i feel like dancin by all time low” to 68255

    they’re still #21 on top hits on khop c’mon

    just one time


    Jul 23

Superheroes Art Print - by Danny Haas
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    Superheroes Art Print - by Danny Haas

    Twitter || Facebook

    Available at Society6

    Spider-Man | Superman | Iron Man | Batman

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